Saturday, May 26, 2012

Finding Your Best Fishing Gears

Do you know where to find the biggest and most complete collections of fly rods in the net? Look nowhere but to this place. You will find all the best collections of rods, reels, and or lines, of every famous and common brand in fly fishing. The big collections and selections of fishing equipments enable you to make some useful comparison if you wish to get the best fishing gears and wares. Under different or similar brands, you could get the highest quality of fly fishing tools and accessories from this site.

For instance, you like to see whether any of these winston fly rods could match with your current purpose. You could easily do this since you have the most complete collections of those rods under that brand, along with other different accessories such as outerwear and or storage cases, in this site. What you need to do is to browse the selections available and make some items’ comparison with the other products of the same class. Of course, the more brands you compare, the better your comparison may yield the result to find the best fly fishing equipments or gears.

You can do similar thing to compare any of these redington fly rods with other brands under the same type of products. You could look deeper into the specifications of each product to decide which rod suits your fishing purpose more perfectly than the others. You could compare the materials or the composites used to make each rod, or you could try comparing the models and designs. Don’t forget that in this fishing world, the color often believed (at least by some anglers or fishermen or you included) to be a crucial aspect that solely between the big catch and no catch at all. Thus, find all your best fishing gears here.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Porcelain vs Ceramics

Our customers often ask - "what is the difference between ceramics and porcelain?". So, this short article will hopefully make things much clearer.

Ceramic is a material that is made of clay by the process of heating and solidifying. Porcelain is also made of clay,  mostly includes the clay mineral kaolinite. Other raw materials include feldspar, ball clay, glass, bone ash, quartz, petuntse and alabaster. Porcelain unlike ceramics is translucent and a much higher temperature is applied (around 1300 degrees of Celsius) when going through the manufacturing process. This is a reason why it is more resistant to chips and cracks. Porcelain is less prone to moisture and resists staining - something to consider when buying tiles. Porcelain is also whiter with smoother surface and have more delicate and shiny appearance than ceramics.

Porcelain products are very popular and one of the reasons for it's popularity is the aesthetic beauty. Take a look at our porcelain vases and bowls - colourful, shiny, modern and unique. All our porcelain bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe. Who wouldn't want one of these gorgeous products...?
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Dining Etiquette SOS

Are you invited for an important dinner to one of the fine restaurants and starting to panic 
because you really don’t want to embarrass yourself in case you’ll get something wrong? 
Are you one of those three quarters of adults in England (according to recent survey) that 
are not confident enough to follow a fine dining etiquette? Don’t worry – nothing is lost!  
Here is a little SOS guide to help you:

What you should do
  •  Arrive 10 minutes early – your host should be there already to show you your seat 
  •  Ask politely where you can leave your coat 
  •  If it is a business dinner greet and shake hands firmly
  • Place your napkin on your lap – if it’s too big fold it in half
  • Wait until your host/hostess starts eating or gives a signal to do so
  • Chew and swallow all the food in your mouth before taking more or taking a drink
  • Soup should be spooned away from you and only ¾ to avoid spilling, drink soup from the side of  the spoon without slurping (it’s ok to tilt the bowl again away from your body to get that  last spoonful)
  • Always tear bread into bite-size pieces, butter, and then eat. Never butter the entire piece (or ½) and eat the slice
  • When you finish eating your soup place the spoon on the side plate and never leave it in your bowl  
  • Look at the picture – this is a full setting which you can expect – don’t panic, it’s not as complicated as it looks – a general rule is to pick up the silverware pieces from the outside in toward your plate during the courses of the meal 

  • Which drink is mine? Remember drinks D on your right, bread B on your left

    • If you haven’t finished eating place you fork across your knife on the plate, when you finish place them next to each other
    • When you are finished, place your napkin on the table on the left side of your plate, this is the only time the napkin goes back on the table
    • Compliment your host and food

             What you shouldn’t do
    • Don’t be late
    • Never dip bread  into dips or gravy without using a fork
    • Don’t put too much in your mouth
    • Don’t eat chicken with your hands
    • Don’t cut your food into more than 2 pieces
    • Don’t ask for more wine, wait until it’s offered to you
    • Never tuck your napkin in the collar of your shirt
    • Never wipe your cutlery with your napkin, if it’s not clean ask server politely to bring another one
    • Don’t put your elbows on the table
    • Don’t criticise your food
    • Don’t blow your nose to your napkin – you might laugh but there is so many people doing it
    By following these basic rules you should be prepared to fully enjoy your dinner and if you happen to break one of the “rules” – don’t worry – you are NOT the only one!

    Have a great day!

    Sunday, April 22, 2012

    Don't underestimate the power of colours

    Did you know that a human eye can see about 7,000,000 colours? Scientists say that colours can put us in a good mood but on the other hand they can also irritate us and cause headaches. Some colour combinations are healing and help us relax.
    So, let’s have a look at what I found out about colours and what they can do for us:

    Green – one of my favourite colours and very popular as well (from a selling point of view). Green means nature, healing, love and has a calming effect. About 25 years ago I remember my Grandmother sitting in the garden and saying “look at the grass for half an hour a day and your vision will be better and your mind will be relaxed.” And Grandmas are always right! I love plants and flowers, however I am not the greatest when it comes to looking after them – my mum is and her house is full of gorgeous plants and I have to say I get a bit jealous. They definitely bring a positive energy to any room.

    Blue – it is said that a blue colour has a calming effect on people. It is recommended for people with stressful jobs to have blue walls or sofas in their room so they can relax. Blue is not the colour I would choose for my launch but I visited my friend a few weeks ago and her sofas are blue, also some of her accessories are blue and beige and it looks great!

    Purple – another relaxing colour - encourages sleep so if you have sleeping problems this would be a great colour for your bedroom.

    Red – a colour of passion and stimulation may increase your appetite. I noticed that when I buy colourful sweets for my son, first colours he reaches for are red and orange, normally blue ones are the least appetizing.

    Orange – another great colour full of energy, joy and creativity. Apparently, if you have difficulties getting up in the morning this is the right colour for your bedroom. I think I will try it and get some orange bedding – oops, now you know my secret – I am not an early bird...

    Yellow – the colour of sun, activity, tension release. Yellow has a positive effect and keeps us concentrated. Walls in my house are mostly yellow (light) to help my rooms feel bigger and brighter

    My favourite colours are green, orange, turquoise and red – as you can see I really can’t decide what’s my favourite ONE colour as l like so many of them – how about you? Tell us about colours in your house – do you think they have an effect on your mood and how do you choose your colours?

    VAMA Decor is all about colours – our products are very colourful and cheer up any room – take a look if you can find something that would fit your taste as well!



    Have a great day!


    Thursday, April 5, 2012

    What Will Happen To Me On Easter Monday?

    Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the vernal equinox.Many Christians worldwide celebrate Easter with special church services, music, candlelight, flowers and the ringing of church bells. Easter processions are held in some countries such as the Philippines and Spain. It is a day of joy and celebration to commemorate that Jesus Christ is risen, according to Christian belief.

    Tradition in Slovakia is a bit different to the UK - and I will be celebrating Easter there this year. Take a look at what women are put through on Easter Monday! And men just get drinks, food and even eggs?! Something is not right...


    Tuesday, March 27, 2012

    Have you seen these before?

    In this post I would like to tell you more about our lovely hand made hand painted decorative candles. When I first saw these I thought "wow- they look different" and I really liked the idea of having an unusually shaped candle that looks so unique, comes with a lovely metal stand and in a chic gift box. I was also wondering - how do they burn? They are only about 10 mm thick so they HAVE to be very messy. Surprisingly - they are NOT! These decorative candles are made of special blend of waxes - it's qualities protect burning candle from running down and smoking. The best part - every candle is an original! Formed into unusual round, square, triangle shapes and hand painted with lovely designs. What a gorgeous source of light and unusual interior decoration.
    Our customers say - "they are too pretty to be burnt" - well, I think so too, however if you decide to burn it, don't worry, you can get a refill candle of the same or different design, all our refills fit the stand.
    You can take a look at our latest designs here - our range is being constantly updated with new designs so stay in touch and don't  miss on anything new in VAMA Decor shop.

    Have a great day!

    Sunday, March 4, 2012

    Happy Mother's Day

    "Mum's smile can brighten any moment,
    Mum's hugs put joy in all our days,
    Mum's love will stay with us forever,
    and touch our lives in precious ways...

    The values you've taught,
    the care you've given,
    and the wonderful love you've shown,
    have enriched my life
    in more ways than I can count...
    I love you Mum!"
                                         unknown author

    What a lovely poem!
    I have prepared some "Mother's Day specials" for you at - I hope you will find that perfect gift for your Mum there...

    I have been producing short videos "How to fold a napkin" so if you are having guests for dinner and need a little bit of help with setting up a table you will find these useful. First video is introduced at and the next one will be available shortly.

    Best wishes,

    VAMA Decor