Friday, April 27, 2012

Dining Etiquette SOS

Are you invited for an important dinner to one of the fine restaurants and starting to panic 
because you really don’t want to embarrass yourself in case you’ll get something wrong? 
Are you one of those three quarters of adults in England (according to recent survey) that 
are not confident enough to follow a fine dining etiquette? Don’t worry – nothing is lost!  
Here is a little SOS guide to help you:

What you should do
  •  Arrive 10 minutes early – your host should be there already to show you your seat 
  •  Ask politely where you can leave your coat 
  •  If it is a business dinner greet and shake hands firmly
  • Place your napkin on your lap – if it’s too big fold it in half
  • Wait until your host/hostess starts eating or gives a signal to do so
  • Chew and swallow all the food in your mouth before taking more or taking a drink
  • Soup should be spooned away from you and only ¾ to avoid spilling, drink soup from the side of  the spoon without slurping (it’s ok to tilt the bowl again away from your body to get that  last spoonful)
  • Always tear bread into bite-size pieces, butter, and then eat. Never butter the entire piece (or ½) and eat the slice
  • When you finish eating your soup place the spoon on the side plate and never leave it in your bowl  
  • Look at the picture – this is a full setting which you can expect – don’t panic, it’s not as complicated as it looks – a general rule is to pick up the silverware pieces from the outside in toward your plate during the courses of the meal 

  • Which drink is mine? Remember drinks D on your right, bread B on your left

    • If you haven’t finished eating place you fork across your knife on the plate, when you finish place them next to each other
    • When you are finished, place your napkin on the table on the left side of your plate, this is the only time the napkin goes back on the table
    • Compliment your host and food

             What you shouldn’t do
    • Don’t be late
    • Never dip bread  into dips or gravy without using a fork
    • Don’t put too much in your mouth
    • Don’t eat chicken with your hands
    • Don’t cut your food into more than 2 pieces
    • Don’t ask for more wine, wait until it’s offered to you
    • Never tuck your napkin in the collar of your shirt
    • Never wipe your cutlery with your napkin, if it’s not clean ask server politely to bring another one
    • Don’t put your elbows on the table
    • Don’t criticise your food
    • Don’t blow your nose to your napkin – you might laugh but there is so many people doing it
    By following these basic rules you should be prepared to fully enjoy your dinner and if you happen to break one of the “rules” – don’t worry – you are NOT the only one!

    Have a great day!

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