Sunday, April 22, 2012

Don't underestimate the power of colours

Did you know that a human eye can see about 7,000,000 colours? Scientists say that colours can put us in a good mood but on the other hand they can also irritate us and cause headaches. Some colour combinations are healing and help us relax.
So, let’s have a look at what I found out about colours and what they can do for us:

Green – one of my favourite colours and very popular as well (from a selling point of view). Green means nature, healing, love and has a calming effect. About 25 years ago I remember my Grandmother sitting in the garden and saying “look at the grass for half an hour a day and your vision will be better and your mind will be relaxed.” And Grandmas are always right! I love plants and flowers, however I am not the greatest when it comes to looking after them – my mum is and her house is full of gorgeous plants and I have to say I get a bit jealous. They definitely bring a positive energy to any room.

Blue – it is said that a blue colour has a calming effect on people. It is recommended for people with stressful jobs to have blue walls or sofas in their room so they can relax. Blue is not the colour I would choose for my launch but I visited my friend a few weeks ago and her sofas are blue, also some of her accessories are blue and beige and it looks great!

Purple – another relaxing colour - encourages sleep so if you have sleeping problems this would be a great colour for your bedroom.

Red – a colour of passion and stimulation may increase your appetite. I noticed that when I buy colourful sweets for my son, first colours he reaches for are red and orange, normally blue ones are the least appetizing.

Orange – another great colour full of energy, joy and creativity. Apparently, if you have difficulties getting up in the morning this is the right colour for your bedroom. I think I will try it and get some orange bedding – oops, now you know my secret – I am not an early bird...

Yellow – the colour of sun, activity, tension release. Yellow has a positive effect and keeps us concentrated. Walls in my house are mostly yellow (light) to help my rooms feel bigger and brighter

My favourite colours are green, orange, turquoise and red – as you can see I really can’t decide what’s my favourite ONE colour as l like so many of them – how about you? Tell us about colours in your house – do you think they have an effect on your mood and how do you choose your colours?

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Have a great day!


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