Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Have you seen these before?

In this post I would like to tell you more about our lovely hand made hand painted decorative candles. When I first saw these I thought "wow- they look different" and I really liked the idea of having an unusually shaped candle that looks so unique, comes with a lovely metal stand and in a chic gift box. I was also wondering - how do they burn? They are only about 10 mm thick so they HAVE to be very messy. Surprisingly - they are NOT! These decorative candles are made of special blend of waxes - it's qualities protect burning candle from running down and smoking. The best part - every candle is an original! Formed into unusual round, square, triangle shapes and hand painted with lovely designs. What a gorgeous source of light and unusual interior decoration.
Our customers say - "they are too pretty to be burnt" - well, I think so too, however if you decide to burn it, don't worry, you can get a refill candle of the same or different design, all our refills fit the stand.
You can take a look at our latest designs here - our range is being constantly updated with new designs so stay in touch and don't  miss on anything new in VAMA Decor shop.

Have a great day!

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